Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 84

Big Pile of Fuck No

The next room we tried seemed… off-kilter somehow. It wasn’t like the room with the void, but it did seem like reality is…. smudged. Like either an experiment in binding reality with a planar binding went awry, or a powerful extra planar being squeezed its way through. I’m not particularly sure I want to test it…

Going around the room, the one door that wouldn’t open for Reeshka wouldn’t open for me either, and when I touched it it burned my fingers. Moving on.

The next room was an infinite starry void, and I got an impression of poetry about the Ravager of the Ways, he who would throw the world in to the eternal dark. Closing that door fast…

The room after that was so cold that I couldn’t touch it. Reeshka got frosted over as well, though didn’t seem to have any ill effects. It appeared to open into a hollow globe of ice. Reeshka got lines about the swallower of ways. That’s nice.

Since it seems indicated, I asked Ceor to try the door that burned me… the entire tower gave a jolt like an earthquake, and the door split in half and slowly toppled inward. It looked largely like it had the last time we saw it, except it was all matte white.

Moving on.

The top floor was where we’d fought a so-called necromancer king… there’d been a throne of bones, but it had disintegrated into dust. There was another door up here, also etched in a similar fashion as the story on the first floor, showing the disc of Midgard hovering over some sort of vortex… and something I’d never seen before at the bottom, but I could tell it definitely looked hungry.

The door opened easily enough, and there was a rough circle inside where some of the stone surface was missing, and reddish light was shining through. Looks like a planar breach of some sort. Which is weird, considering we’re already in a planar pocket.

Reeshka picked that moment to tell me that she’d noticed some sort of vibration. I didn’t notice anything, but I expect she knows what she’s talking about. The best that I can come up with is that the demiplane is starting to destabilize… which is alarming because this has been here for centuries, maybe even millenia.

Ceor said he could hear something like singing… coming from the stone of the tower, apparently, that seemed to be some sort of dirge that sounded like a corrupted version of a Mavrosian chant. That’s nice.

I explored the room a little, with airwalk because I didn’t trust the holes in the floor… just as well, there was no traction whatsoever in those spots. There had been a fairly standard binding pattern inlaid in the floor, but it looked like something had hit it from below, and shattered it inwards. I couldn’t identify the material it was made of, though it was of wildly varying weights.

There’s one more floor to check. When we got there, it looked like the walls and roof had melted. The door was untouched, though it opened easily enough. There was also a stylized depiction of the thing referred to on the floor below. The gears that had been scattered around in this floor had completely melted into puddles.

There were all sorts of warding glyphs on the next door. Funny enough, Ceor was the one who saw the spell written behind the wards… looks like it was a conjuration spell, written in such a way that either a divine or an arcane caster could use it. Which is odd. It’s not supposed to overlap like that…. it was really intricate and detailed, and it took half an hour for both me and Reeshka to copy and learn it. Something about warding or getting rid of things that don’t belong…

Once that was taken care of, Reeshka pushed the door open, and proceeded into the corridor. Reality is pretty badly warped in there, though that won’t stop Reeshka… it looked like someone had tried and failed to fuse the doors shut.

We shouldn’t open that.

Not that it’ll stop Reeshka.

There was… something in there. Looked an awful lot like that image on the doors…

It was also surrounded by little motes of light that also seemed hostile. Wonderful. This is also where that warped funeral dirge is coming from.

This is my life. In a pocket dimension that’s coming apart at the seams, with gods know what about to murder us all and then rampage through the planes.

The little motes seemed to attack with varied energy types that ignore our natural resistances to it… splendid. Let’s not even bother ramping up. We need to hit it hard and fast and take it down as soon as possible.

The big pile of ‘fuck no’ in the center of the room lashed out, hitting me and Ceor… it was highly unpleasant and gave literal meaning to the term ‘mind numbing’. And it seems to be able to heal itself…

We killed one of the motes, and the energy it was made of started swirling around the thing in the middle. That’s nice. The thing then tried to set us on fire, but we managed to dodge. Reeshka set off a holy smite which fortunately popped the remaining motes, so at least now we only have one target to deal with. Though now all of the energy is swirling around it.

It doesn’t like me, and I don’t like it, either. It’s… disturbing. Very disturbing. And painful. It really hurts when it hits…

Fortunately, Ceor then did what he does best and laid waste, and seemed to at least knock it out… and then I set that bitch on fire. Repeatedly.

With it gone, we were able to investigate the room. There was another symbol here, inverted that was in the room below. From what I can tell, that thing was called from the Outer Dark, and the seal was holding it here while it gestated.

I don’t want to know what would have happened if we’d left it longer.

Also, all of the angles of the symbol were just slightly…. off… in a way that made my head hurt.

And we all heard a distant, vaguely feminine scream of rage that came from nowhere, and we all knew exactly what the source was.

Mara. We’ve finally done something to seriously inconvenience her and set her plans back… which is good because we’ve inconvenienced her… and bad because we’ve now personally gotten her attention and pissed her off.

The last thing to check is the room we skipped over on the second floor, where reality was blurred… It’s probably not going to be dangerous… It was still disorienting. And Reeshka opened the door at the end… to find another void. And then she decided to fly out into it. There was no gravity… Fortunately, I have a robe of twine and mage hand. And Ceor is pretty strong. Though it took some hauling before we could get her in…. it was hard, and clearly not healthy in there. Reeshka was a little wibbly ball by the time we got her out.

It is clearly time to GTFO now.

I planeshifted us back to the Material Plane, and we landed at the golden tree near Feymott… and we could hear what she was hearing in her head. This was not a fun experience. So, teleport back to town and to the temple of Mavros to get this fixed. Which was fortunately simple, if a bit concerning for all involved.

About that time, we could feel a ripple in the planes… Ceor said it felt like something pulled away or fell away. Probably that was the destruction of the demiplane the Twisted Tower was in… all things considered, probably the best outcome, and good riddance.

I do want to know what that spell does… it took Reeshka and I a week and a half to get it worked out in detail… it’s an extremely powerful banishing spell, that might could even banish one of the Great Old Ones… though of course the catch is that it’s a touch spell… I need to find a way of converting touch spells to projectile, if only charging a rock with it and throwing the rock.

The metal fragments from the destroyed ward turned out to be alloyed order and chaos… which is supposed to be impossible but we’ve been running into a lot of that lately.


Kassil RiaHawk

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