Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 15

Mine is a murderous rage, and they will all perish in flames.

We’re all going to die.

It was time for us to set up staging for this glorious madness. I’m absolutely positive that things won’t go according to plan, it can only be hoped we survive the experience. I think the best plan is for Ceor, my two minio- I mean, apprentices, and myself to set up on the opposite side of the compound from where Reeshka and Miaako plan to enter. We’ll give them an hour to get into position. I’d prefer a more certain means of communication, but there is none right now. We’ll just have to hope they’re ready when we start attracting attention.

The illusions did off rather well; the guard was petrified. We made it look like an army of the undead was approaching, complete with the sound of that wretched nixie. It did hold their attention, but not enough of them. So we set the guard shack on fire. That did get more of their attention. And I had one of my illusory zombies stare at the guard which was trying to get in, just because it was funny. I expect this will come to blows. We can only hope that we’re in a better position.

The guards seemed to be buying it, at least to the extent that they were wasting ballista bolts on my illusions. I just kept playing along. Normally, I’d be setting the guards on fire about now; I could probably take out a pair of guards and a guard tower with a single spell. But I need to conserve my magic for when they finally see through the deception, because then it will get UGLY.

We made them use a couple of flasks of alchemist’s fire up, so at least we’re making them use up resources. But this may turn bad quickly. A full unit came out, including one with two axes, which I suspect is someone of importance.

Dwarves burn nicely. It’s all the alcohol.

But it got serious; the illusions won’t be much help against the dwarves, so now we have to fight. I nearly caught a throwing ax to the face, and Sundrya iced him in the crotch.

You know, I think I like her.

But I think we’re out of time, it’s time to go now. I got a little too close to the dwarves, so of course Ceor charged in to express his displeasure… and his lance exploded into lightning. I’ll need to look at that once we get back to camp, assuming we survive.

That was about the time I could hear kobolds squealing in the camp as they were being beaten.

I hate that.

I grew up being in that position.

Fuck that.

It was the crescent moon tonight, I remember asking about that…

But it was the half moon in the sky.

And just like that, every spell I’d ever written was in mind as if I had memorized that.

It’s time to use them.

I expect that some of the dwarves tried to hit me, I didn’t particularly notice. I was too busy advancing on the dwarves, who had started retreating at top speed.

For some reason.

I got delayed at the gate, simply because there were too many people in the way, which was easily remedied. Fire Breath is wonderfully effective for encouraging people to get the fuck out of my way. Well, except for Ceor, but he was also nicely killing things so I can deal with that.

One of the dwarves tried to surrender, but I’m not going to accept surrender right now. Most of the attacks simply didn’t affect me, the weapons just burned away. Though I had been surrounded by gray flames, but they started to tinge with red.

I’m sure it’s significant but I really don’t care.


Kassil Kassil

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