Welcome to Midgard, home of the Seven Cities

War is a constant, unavoidable threat; an important part of civilization; and, according to some, a necessary evil. Nowhere, however, embraces and celebrates war as the Septime region does. Castles and fortresses dot the landscape; private armies and national militaries muster each spring season to seize land, gold, and other resources – but, more importantly, to seize honor and glory for the who participate. The business of war, to those of the Seven Cities, is just as much a part of daily life as the price of bread or the coming weather. Everyone prepares for the arrival of foes at the doorstep, since to do otherwise is to invite a rapid change in leadership. The Septime people battle to show their strength, their blessings from Mavros, the wisdom of their rulers, and the brilliance of their generals. They fight for profit and for glory, and because conquest and victory are honorable and righteous. Any Septime can tell you that only a fool would hope for a peaceful year when glory’s crown and honor’s banner awaits beyond the border.

This, then, is the tale of a few brave members of the Seven Cities, starting from the most humble of origins in the quest for glory and honor, with the added bonus of becoming wealthy and famous in the bargain. Illuminated by the roaring flames of war, who know where their path will lead them?

Blades of Light

Kassil RiaHawk Tierce Virxai