Generating Your Ability Scores

The Pathfinder core rulebook covers multiple ways to generate the six ability scores used as the basis of a character’s concept.

For the purposes of this campaign, each of the six core stats will be rolled with 4d6, dropping the lowest number from each set, allocated as desired. Additionally, Midgard has an additional stat that modifies over the course of gameplay: Status, which is used to determine relative social standing and who outsiders to the group tend to regard as the most important and/or the leader. Roll 1d6+1 to generate your base Status, and modify it by each of the following which apply:

  • -2 if you are a goblin, rogue, or alchemist.
  • -1 if you are a gnoll, kobold, tiefling, barbarian, or ‘white’ necromancer.
  • +1 if you are an aasimar, dwarf, elfmarked (half-elf), cavalier, cleric, oracle, or non-necromantic wizard.
  • +2 if you are an elf.

Relative meaning of status:

  • 0 – Slave
  • 1 – Thrall, bond servant
  • 2 – Serf, bandit
  • 3 – Peasant, laborer
  • 4 – Commoner, sailor, guard, adventurer
  • 5 – Guild apprentice, journeyman, militia member
  • 6 – Artisan, miller, scout
  • 7 – Merchant, professional soldier
  • 8 – Guild leader, bishop, bandit king
  • 9 – Master merchant, councilor
  • 10 – Captain, caravan master, clan chieftan

There are certainly higher levels of Status, but those require deeds, feats, and glory to attain.

Generating Your Ability Scores

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