Sionna Whitehall

Sister to a dhampir


Sionna Whitehall is the older twin of Allain Whitehall; where he was born a dhampir, she was born fully human, although prone to strange fits and actions throughout her childhood. Quick to defend her brother from the taunting and mockery of the other children, she also developed a fascination with the young Ceor, pestering and tormenting him mercilessly with pranks that only got crueler as the two aged. Even when they were nearly old enough to leave the orphanage, she still behaved like a little girl who felt that tormenting a boy was the only way to show him that she liked him.

While she never exhibited any of the arcane capabilities of her brother, her own physical prowess was more than sufficient to let her hold her own against any threats; more than a few would-be tormentors and suitors were driven away by her frenzied attacks with her nails and teeth.

Most recently, she was seen at the ruined keep with her brother, where she wasted no time in renewing her attacks on Ceor – although this time in a more deadly fashion, swinging at him with a heavy mace while brightly chattering away at him between swings. Only after Ceor landed a few blows to her and struck down the hound did her cheerful behavior end, with her withdrawing from the fight to drag her brother away and through a hidden escape route.

Sionna Whitehall

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