A red-haired gnome warrior mage with a penchant for fire, currently deceased.


The flame-red hair of the gnome who calls himself Cindersong is the first clue that something bad is about to happen – because he’s one of those bad things that happen to everyone foolish enough to stay in his vicinity. Armed with a disturbingly organic-looking black sword and a hefty complement of fire magic, he seems more than happy to leap into any fray for the sake of killing and tormenting others.

A large ruby hangs on a gold chain around his neck, sparkling with flecks of light that make it seem as if a fire is snared in the jewel’s depths. It’s the only flashy thing he wears, the rest of his garb being muted in color and seeming to blend with any shadows around him.

The group’s first interaction with Cindersong was when the gnome woke Miaako in the dead of night, the organic-looking sword at the tengu’s neck, to ask him about the latter’s claim to be some kind of tengu royalty. He might have tried to put a swift end to Miaako, had Talisien not woken up and plunged the room into absolute darkness, followed by yelling for Ceor to come help. Cindersong escaped during the ensuing battle, but he surely hasn’t gone far.

Cindersong was met again after the defeat of the dwarven army, and savagely ended by the newly mythic powerhouses.


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