Allain Whitehall

Dhampir arcanist with an attitude


Allain Whitehall is a dhampir – in theory, spawned by a vampire attacking his mother while she was pregnant with him, although at the orphanage where he grew up alongside Ceor and Talisien there were rumors that his mother had somehow become pregnant by the vampire. The ridicule and harassment was tempered only by the furious protection afforded by his sister and the interventions of Ceor as he tried to protect everyone.

Ceor’s interventions in Allain’s favor came to an end after the young dhampir somehow acquired a large black dog that bit Talisien, leaving the siblings to their own devices. Allain has proven himself talented with arcane magic and more than willing to use his silver tongue to pass any blame directed toward him to others; in the orphanage, Talisien was one of his favorites to pass the blame.

Recently, he was discovered at the ruined keep north of Friula, along with his sister, apparently working for some individual named Bloodstone who had provided them with the means to raise undead servants. In the conflict, the black hound – now much larger and with teeth that drip fire – was slain twice, each time crumbling away into black smoke. Allain and his sister made their escape through an underground cavern, leaving a reasonably large amount of wealth behind.

Allain Whitehall

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