Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 80

We're insane but not THAT insane.

Nearly every stone of the building we were confronted with radiated magic. It must’ve taken a thousand years to ward it that thoroughly; I can’t even tell what’s what. But as long as we don’t touch the walls or doors, it should be fine… Ceor’s not usually good at that, but that’s what Reduce Person is for. We managed to get in, only to find a guard and a… thing on the other side of a barred entrance. There were two doors off to the sides, which we managed to open without drawing attention. It was guarded on the internal rooms as well, because of course it was. We’re breaking into the base of not only a cult, but a paranoid cult.

Reeshka managed to slip around behind the guards, and used her favorite spell. At least, that’s why I assume that the human suddenly attacked the outsider hanging out with him. Which means that we are now going to have to kicks some ass. At least the outside was easy enough to deal with…. and when it was gone, I felt lighter, as though there had been something that caused a feeling of dread that was no longer there. Another guard ran out, practically onto Ceor’s sword. Which did not make for a good day for him. Another guard then appeared, and did terrible things to Reeshka. Who promptly did terrible things to him in return.

Naturally, more of them showed up. But Reeshka’s Murderous Command spell was still in effect, which meant that we had a temporary ally because the caster was murdering his friends. And we were able to make short work of the others.

And then the floor exploded. Which was very rude. I explained that to the mage the best way I know how. With lots of fire. Of course, by the time we got done with them, there was an alarm bell tolling somewhere further in.

Well, all or nothing, I suppose.

Fortunately, explosive entrances are our best trick. There were twelve opponents in the hall beyond; a fireball neatly got some of them. However, one of those horrifying outsiders screamed at us… it was just a low moan from where I was standing but it hurt like a bitch. And a couple of their fighters have learned Ceor’s trick of teleporting across distances to smack someone. They weren’t anything we couldn’t handle… but it is burning through a lot of my spells. And one of those fucking boogymen elected to run for the door, in a way I couldn’t help but interpret as getting reinforcements. Reeshka was able to Command it to come back, however… it can move at a really terrifying speed. But we managed to get it… Ceor hit it so hard it seemed to fold around his swords and disintegrate.

The building seems to be vibrating, and it got noticeably more pronounced when Ceor’s sword turned into pure light.

Fuck my life.

I’d easily used about half of the spells I’d prepared today, and decided it was time to cut our losses. Reeshka was already perched on Ceor’s shoulders, and Ceor was on Anusk, so I just grabbed Keshemet and made the decision for us. Reeshka was annoyed, but hell, we’re all alive.

I had picked up Greater Teleport, which is harder to cast but more precise… it should have been easier. But it was like wading through gelatin, or climbing up the pit of a steep, collapsing pit. It shouldn’t have been that hard. Something was interfering. …Seemed almost like a sort of inter-planar sinkhole.

Well, at least now we have first person reports from inside the citadel. We’ll contact some of the other leaders and see if we can assemble an army to lay siege to the citadel.

Once we picked up our horses, I teleported us back to Feymott… we did end up slightly off course, coming out where the tree had sprouted when we fought the Outer Monstrosities during the siege of Feymott.

I need to send letters to all of the other cities, and get whatever help we can. Reeshka is helping Ceor address the military leaders of the other cities. Reeshka elected to go appear in person in Friula… taking a complement of Mharoti and mages as an honor guard, and one of my scrying tokens if anything should go wrong. The Mharoti ambassadors have agreed to send runners to their empire and to the other cities to spread the word. I need to go to the Twisted Tower and see if I can find anything we can use in this situation… fortunately, it should be easier than going the first time was.

I also caught some rumors that the people that said the gods had commanded them to serve us had started exhibiting divine abilities. I’m just… going to leave that alone for now…

It’s going to take a lot of planning to pull this off. And a lot of preparation. The best estimate I have is a year before we can move… I need to have people start looking into ways to slow it down. And prepare for the worst… if I can


Kassil RiaHawk

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