Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 8


In retrospect, going through the warded door wasn’t our best idea; it used up a good many of our resources getting through it. One can hope that the brunt of the forces were here.

There was a room with two large spiders in it; I’m hoping they can be avoided. There wasn’t much else of interest in here, save some surprising accounts of the bandits’ take. We looted the bodies; we got about 50 gold, a silver ring with some etchings, a potion that was some sort of enchantment (according to Reeshka, it would let the imbiber cast Charm Person once). The ring showed as magical, but neither Reeshka nor I have any idea what it is. I need to do some identifying work…

As we were examining the bodies, Ceor heard footsteps approaching, but the man does not know the meaning of stealth. The noise proved to be another bandit approaching with some sort of body; I expect it was feeding time for the spiders. We were going to try to sneak attack the bandit, but Reeshka flubbed it, and he ran off screaming about intruders. So we bolted.

We decided that we were going to try to ambush them, but after waiting for five minutes, they hadn’t come after us. I thought I heard someone screaming, but discretion dictated that we shouldn’t get involved. Which worked, up until Reeshka heard it and told Ceor. Noble idiot. So, naturally, we had to go look into it. Miaako and I followed under protest.

We slipped through the spider cage; there were no spiders to be seen. Which was somewhat worrisome. However, the screaming cut off before we got there. Honestly, though, who expected us to rescue the woman alive?

Ceor charged before I saw who it was; obviously someone he took issue with. As he engaged, I heard someone down the passage scream ‘fuck this shit’ and run.

Smart man.

It turned out to be the gnome who tried to kill me. And Miaako, I guess. One of us will die, anyway.

Another bandit showed up, but showed signs of rethinking his life. It would make my life easier if he decided to bugger off too.

Cindersong proved to be smarter than I had originally expected; he had a potion of invisibility, and bolted, despite Ceor laying him open. He managed to get away from us, the bastard. I WILL end that son of a bitch. It’s personal now.

We found a few more captives who were still alive, and a lot of unattractive implements of torture. According to Reeshka, gnomes as a race tend to diabolism. Now I have even more reason to turn him into an amorphous pile of ash. And possibly take up genocide as a hobby.

The villagers were delighted, of course; I wonder what they’ll think when the army arrives to lay siege. Ceor was told that the village leaders want to meet with us in two days at noon; gods know how that’ll go.

It was nice to get a nice night’s sleep.

As I was going through the papers, I found another letter from Bloodstone, this one unopened. Apparently, he expected Cindersong to fund his empire. That worked well. I also discovered a ring with a magical signature. I’ll add it to the list of identifying work I need to do.

All of the items we’d picked up had some sort of enhancement on them now, that seemed to have spontaneously developed. Additionally, Ceor’s sword seems to be sparking in the dark.

The silver ring proved to be one of protection. The ring from Bloodstone proved to be a stealth enhancement. I gave the protection ring to Reeshka. And I gave the stealth ring to Ceor because GODSDAMN HE NEEDS IT. He sounds like an entire rack of cookpots falling over.

The book proved to be a set of deeds belonging to someone in Friula. A warehouse and lots of goods. The back binding proved to be a little loose; when I lifted it, there proved to be a sheet of paper with some spells; Grease, True Strike and Enlarge Person. The spellbook I found had five more spells: Anticipate Peril, Corrosive Touch, Crafter’s Touch, Burning Gaze, and Fire Breath. Most excellent. I’ll be adding them to my spell book as soon as possible.

The other scroll we found seemed to be divine magic unfortunately, so I’ll see what Reeshka can do with it. According to her, it contained Ant Haul and Protection from Evil. I’ll take her word for it.

Miaako also brought up some ridiculous double-bladed sword; we’ll see if we can’t get anything for it when the army gets here. Everyone took some advantage of the downtime to do some shopping. We still have three longswords and two muskets to sell, and that ridiculous double sword.

When we went to the meeting, the town council proved to be an eclectic mix; a human female and a kobold who were probably warriors, and a dwarf who I suspect was a mage of some sort. Also a tiefling, which pleased me somewhat.

The council thanked us for removing a threat they didn’t even know they had. And then the dwarf pointed out that it WAS the campaigning season and that we were strangers. We’ll see how this goes.

Really, he figured it out pretty quickly. I thought it best to be honest; I think he’d have seen through a lie anyway. His view was that as it was inevitable and that we had rendered such a great service, they’d raise a white flag. As long as the army doesn’t push the tithes too much, it should be okay. And the council decided to reward us anyway.

I could get used to this.

Miaako actually made a show of returning a locket he’d found; it made an impression.

The reward included a deed to a plot of land for each of us in the city; I have no idea what we’re going to do with them.

I asked if they knew anything about Bloodstone. The name was familiar to them, and the dwarf thought it might’ve belonged to one of the reaver clans to the north. As I was checking my notes, I realized that one of the graves we found right after we left Friula had the name of Magda Bloodstone on it. This bears more investigation.

The bags had 1500 gold. Each. And a title.

I could get very used to this.


Kassil RiaHawk

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