Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 76


We received a letter from Friula today, addressed to the ‘ostensible’ leader of Feymott. Once we calmed Reeshka down enough that she wasn’t advocating immediate war, we opened it. It was essentially an extortion note, saying if we sent them exhorbitant tribute, they wouldn’t send half a dozen companies at us.

Feymott is the City That Has Never Fallen. Granted, the story that would have been gotten back to the ruling class was that the company we were with was the reason Feymott paid tribute to Friula last season… not that it was us specifically. But even half a dozen free companies wouldn’t be much threat to us, and we have other things to do. One of our contracted companies should be able to manage the defense, according to Ceor, and since the Zobeckians don’t particularly care about sticking around, they volunteered for the job.

I’ve been doing some preliminary research towards a sort of set it and run item to close planar rifts… it’s possible, but I’m probably going to have to spend several months working on it, and consult several other wizards and scholars, because it’s going to be messy.

As far as the safety valve involving Mara’s power goes, the only way to do that is to travel to her plane and set it up in person, and tie it to an object in the physical realm. The other option is to wait fifty years for the book to repower itself. Neither is appealing.

Reeshka was doing some research to see if we can bring our vampire friend back to life. That’s the easy part. We have access to her and her coffin; we’d have to kill her, of course, but it would be comparatively trivial after that. The tricky part would be that she’d have to be really incredibly warded to keep the voices of the Outer Dark away from her. Fortunately, we do have some experience with wards designed to keep the entire multiverse out. Those were destroyed, but Mnemosyne was involved in creating those, and her memory has been restored now. Not to mention that we helped out a friend of hers and freed her husband from Kammae. She’s bound to be at least well-disposed towards us.

There’s a small priesthood devoted to Mnemosyne here, and they’re willing to perform a commune ritual for us. We asked if having the knowledge to build these wards would harm us; we got an unclear answer. I suppose it’s too much to hope that we’d get a clear answer for that. I asked if she could grant us this knowledge now, and she said yes.

It was like standing on a ledge over the endless ocean, trying to keep a full glass of water still. It was unpleasant, but I did have a perfect image of how the wards were constructed. I also fell flat on my back and stayed put until the world stopped spinning… it left me with a splitting headache.

Having even an instant view of true infinite knowledge is overwhelming.

I know that we’d had some other questions, but I didn’t hear the answers. Something about total divine knowledge being crammed sideways into my skull. We did find out that the Order of the Pure is in the Goblin Wastes, which is a good place to start, even if it’s not directly the way to them, and that it was unclear if they had ties to the Outer Dark.

We also had asked if there was a way to destroy Mara was in our grasp… which resulted in the goddess herself taking up residence in the priestess and addressing us directly, with the answer being “Not yet, but potentially”.

This is nice.

We’ll need a large area with solid granite, we’ll have to carve the cavern out to precise mathematical specifications. We’ll send the kobolds out to scout, they’d know it when they see it. Though not under our city. Somewhere else. Northish. Towards the dwarven cantons.

The comet kept getting brighter and more violet, and seemed to be hanging right over the Goblin Wastes, because of course it is. I guess I know where we’re going next.

More troops arrived, which was good, because we got a similar message from Savoyne as we’d gotten from Friula… though this one said they’d send eight free companies. Ceor is a little less confident that we can hold off fourteen free companies. But this is flagrantly disregarding the campaigning rules… we sent messages to Trombei, Valera, and Triolo indicating that this was a thing, and also if they had a lack of targets they could come here, we’ll be practically giving them away. Each city seemed unimpressed by Savoyne and Friula’s actions, and they’ll be sending a free company apiece to reinforce us. We also got a small band of volunteers from Goasta Cliffs.

Last we heard of the Champion of Mavros, he was raising a free company in Friula… so I suppose we ought to be expecting him.

There’s a lot of things we need to do… send a message to Sanguine and let him know about the armies that will be encroaching on his territory and that if they’re flying the colors of Friula or Savoyne he can handle them as he sees fit. Reeshka also wants to do some research into Mara, which is going to mean reading the book that is fortunately not driving people insane right now.

This should be fun.


Kassil RiaHawk

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