Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 7

Ceor is an embarrassment to Mavros.

We decided to go investigate the sewers in search of our bandit friends, because I just know that they’ll be a pain in the ass if we don’t. It was not entirely a pleasant prospect, but I’d rather not wake up to a homicidal gnome twice in a row.

The sewers were less horrible than we thought they would be, somewhat. We found some blue magical torches, but I couldn’t tell much about them. Once we followed that tunnel down, we found some stairs. Miaako heard some chirping and squeaking from this general area. Our informant did mention something about guard rats…

I saw some more motion, probably another rat. We decided to do something about it. Miaako took a shot at one of them; he missed, and nicely let them know we were there. Ceor, on the other hand, charged up and pummeled one nearly into the ground. It didn’t like that, and promptly tried to flee. The other tried to bite Ceor in retaliation, but discovered he was made of metal. THIS IS WHY I MADE HIM GET REAL ARMOR. I promptly fed it a force missile, and Ceor finished it off. The other rat proved to be chained. As I didn’t feel like wasting a missile on it, I tried using one of my rays, but I didn’t have a good line of sight. Miaako didn’t do much better and put a crossbow bolt in the door. The rats proved to be chained by collars that were slightly too small, probably because no one bothered to change them.

The rats were guarding a door in marginally better shape, and barred. Miaako took a try at opening it; he of course failed miserably. He did find a concealed keyhole, though. He managed to get that open after some fiddling around, and triggered a mechanism to unbar it as well.

We let Ceor go first, of course, but he was blinded by the grandeur of the door, and was almost mauled by the rat or on the other side. I did not care much for that, and did something about it. A moment later, so did Ceor. Unfortunately, another one showed up to try to take chunks out of Ceor as well. Miaako slipped past it and tried to stab it, but it looked more like posing. I swear that’s what threw my own aim off. I could have done more than scorch it… Fortunately, Ceor’s next blow finished the thing off.

There were two more rats that were chained in the room itself. They didn’t prove much of an issue, being chained up, but there was no real reason not to put the horrid things out of their misery. Though scorched rat smells particularly awful.

We found some doors, and Reeshka found a fruit cart that she promptly started stuffing her face with. One door was warded with abjuration and conjuration runes, which we did not feel like messing with just yet. As we explored, I heard someone mumbling on the other side of one of the doors. After some debate, the idea of setting a trap was proposed. Reeskha took a few minutes to rig up a rough tripwire with an acid flask.

We explored the other room; it appeared they had been butchering rats there. Gods know why, I certainly don’t want to. As we were leaving, someone triggered Reeshka’s trap.

Turned out to be goblins. I guess that explains the butchered rats.

The first one managed to dodge the trap, but the second got an acid flask to the head. I promptly gave the first the gift of a force missile, and Reeshka did something to make him drop his sword. Then Miaako, ineffectual as always, planted a bolt in his shield. Then Ceor just shoved his sword through the first goblin’s skull.

As a general note, burning goblin smells even worse than burning rat.

Miaako then made a flying tackle and landed dagger first. It was somewhat impressive, though I’ll never tell him.

We decided to explore the room the goblins had been lurking in. Reeshka and Miaako found some small chests, and I found a shelf full of papers. There was a spellbook up there, which I will be poking around in, a scroll case, and what appeared to be a selection of deeds. Miaako’s chest turned out to be full of silver jewelry, and there were some bags of copper jewelry. There was a larger chest at the end that seemed to be full of cloth, silk mostly. Sheets, drapes, clothing, etc.

The base or whatever it was seemed to be near a back alley of the town; as the entrance we came in through was near the edge of town (though still inside); this could prove useful.

There was a further room, filled with all manner of alcohol. Ceor’s idea of heaven, obviously. I found a paper that seemed to have some sort of recipe for alcohol. Reeshka found another chest, this one full of spices. Mostly brewing spices, naturally.

Reeshka found a torch holder that looked strange, and upon closer examination seemed to be hinged. Miaako took a look on it, but didn’t tell us much more than we already knew. Reeskha jumped up and hung from it, and triggered something. After Ceor got Reeshka down, he opened the door that was revealed. There was a tunnel that lead back through the rock. We found a second chamber, with a large gate and a lever. There were a couple more bandits, a human and a goblin on the other side of the gate. They didn’t see us; given the copious alcohol freely available, they were probably drunk. As we didn’t think it possible to take them by surprise, we retreated for the moment and decided to go check the warded door.

It took him an hour, but Miaako was able to find ways around the runes one by one; he does occasionally have his uses. The moment he did so, of course, a goblin charge out and stabbed Ceor. We had some strong reactions to that, which resulted in him stabbing ME for what I’m sure are unrelated reasons. Entirely unrelated. Ceor took exception, and Reeshka finished it off.

Reeshka found a medallion that she promptly gave to Miaako; I suspect it does something unpleasant.

And then the gate at the other end of the passage swung open to reveal five assholes who wanted to make life unpleasant and probably short. Two hid under a table and sniped at us. They shot myself and Miaako. Quite a lot. We managed to take out the first one who engaged, but more got there just then. So I resorted to drastic measures. I’d apologize for catching Miaako on fire as well, but I’m really not sorry. There was more stabbing all around. One of them stabbed Miaako again before he died. I put another down. Somehow, Ceor was the least effective of us during this fight… gods know how.

Miaako, for a change of pace, was the favored pincushion, and got himself carved like a goose. Then Reeshka finished the bastard off, which just left a single sniper. Ceor charged him like a madman, and finally managed to accomplish something.

It was not our best showing.


Kassil RiaHawk

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