Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 6

Miaako Can't Keep His Beak Shut

We arrived in the town of Feymott, which the army is due to siege. Ceor recieved a Whisper saying that the army will be about a week behind us. Which gives us a week to take advantage of these people.

We stopped at an inn in town. Ceor tried to buy me a drink, but it is extremely easy to switch his drinks, especially since he’ll drink anything you put in front of him, no questions asked. I overheard some general talk about how the Flame at the Throne of Mavros was acting a little funny, which might bear checking into, and something about some jewel thieves, I don’t know about that. Miaako did some snooping around and stumbled across a high stakes poker game that the guards entirely refused to let him into.

Reeshka ate herself into a stupor, and Ceor joined her passed out on the table. Since I am not particularly fond of dogs in my face, I decided to join Miaako outside to check things out. He opened up an upper floor storage room. After some poking around, we discovered a concealed bedroom. The door that looked like it opened into the main tavern was cobwebbed over, probably boarded up from the other side, but there was fresh fruit in the room and it was clean, so someone is staying there, likely hiding. We decided that getting caught there was not on the menu and left.

Miaako told me about some master thieves that were rumored to be around town, but as long as they leave our shit alone, I don’t really care. Then Miaako told me this cockamamie story about how he’s tengu royalty and how he wanted to get a suit made to reflect his status. I tried to explain what a bad idea this was, but I don’t think it sunk in. And then as we were wrapping that up, we discovered a stableboy had been listening. Hopefully, he only heard the bit about the tengu royalty, because we couldn’t catch him. This will end splendidly.

We ended up getting a couple of rooms; the drunks were unceremoniously shoved into one. Miaako and I took the other. And then we woke up to bandits. There was a red-haired gnome that was apparently anxious to kill Miaako, and, well, I don’t enjoy being fucked with.

There are advantages to being a tiefling, though they are few and far between.

It’s hard, after all, to hit what you can’t see.

Of course, Ceor had drunk so much that I couldn’t wake him up immediately. He’s grounded.

Since setting the room on fire would be a bit counterproductive, that did rather limit my options. Miaako got a whistle from somewhere, which only accomplished waking the entire inn, but I suppose I can understand why he didn’t want to get near that sword. The gnome turned out to be a mage as well, and neutralized my darkness. Miaako got on a table and screamed like a little girl.

The gnome set the room on fire, so I didn’t feel any particular reason not to reciprocate. Apparently, being set on fire did not sit well with him, and ran for it. So did one of the bandits, apparently. The one trying to skewer Miaako took the sensible option and surrendered. I went so far as to jump out the window myself to try to catch the gnome, but he was already gone. I did manage to get a parting shot at one more of the bandits, though. Reeshka took it upon herself to put out the fire. She also found a total of 10 plat, 15 gold, and 12 silver, which will be divided between us, 29 gold 5 copper each. We also have three longswords to sell.

That’s about the time the innkeeper and the guards decided to show up.

I was able to take the bandit who I caught fleeing and haul him back to the inn. Jumping out the window hurt like a bitch though. But we had a conscious prisoner to get some information from.

Reeshka took it into her head to chew on one of the bandit’s boots. Gods know why. After that, we had a nice little chat with the one conscious bandit. He was more than happy to provide us with the location of their base in the sewers, along with the fact that they had five more men and six trained rats. But I think I want to try that hidden room first.

Then the watch arrived and took the fools away, and Reeshka asked me about a potion she’d found. Turned out to be a potion of Featherfall. As a side note, the arrival of the watch was all that saved that fool Miaako from getting frosted again. Idiot can’t keep his beak shut…

We decided to check out the secret room on the chance that was where the gnome had got off to. Miaako discovered that he’d rearmed a trap that then set him and Reeshka on fire. Idiot. However, out of curiosity I cast Detect Magic, and came up with a ring with some sort of abjuration effect. I decided to leave it there just to keep the owner from knowing we’d been there. One person who wants to kill us at a time.

After that, we decided to get at least some sleep.


Kassil RiaHawk

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