Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 5

Oh God Why

The army arrived with little fanfare and we dumped most of the gear we picked up from the bandits. Miaako managed to get 265 for the bows, 28 for the assorted arrows, 165 for the longswords, 10 for the shortswords, 2 for the daggers, 155 for the masterwork shortsword, and 200 for my old staff. We decided to hang onto the gems and those damn guns. Miaako took a larger cut of the spoils, but since he did the work of selling them, I’m not going to complain too much. The rest of us ended up with 195 gold, 6 silver, and 6 copper. Ceor wandered off to get some barding for Anusk and hopefully some real armor for himself. I am sick of seeing those goddamn squirrel hides.

Ceor was given an updated charter; we’re actually real scouts now, and Ceor was promoted to lieutenant. We’re a real squad now. I’m so thrilled.

I made some scrolls of Mage Armor, just to make room for other spells. I also offered it make some for Miaako, if he paid for them. He didn’t feel confident enough in his own ability to use them properly to take me up on it. At some point, Reeshka procured a riding dog.

I then made Ceor get some FUCKING ARMOR.

And he still kept that goddamn makeshift armor. I might set it on fire.

We set out to continue on the campaign road. It actually was getting a little boring, for the first couple of days. Then we ran into some horrific monstrosities from the Great Beyond called Cythnigots. The equivalent of demons, save that they’re before Hell existed; some of the primal horrors of the Void beyond the planes, the emptiness of Ginnungagap. Certain sages classify them as Qlippoths. They hate reality and want it to go away.

They were pretty goddamn hideous. My gods, they’re ugly. Ceor spitted one, but they’re only really especially vulnerable to cold iron. And they explode into spores. Which coated Reeshka and wrapped her up in nasty fibrous spikes.

Ceor charged the second one and clocked Reeshka, and I almost killed it. Then the mule stomped it into oblivion, and proceeded to nibble the grass next to it, completely unimpressed.

Two more showed up, hanging in the air in exactly the same way that bricks don’t. One charged at Ceor, and one gave Miaako just enough time to take a shot at it before it did the same. Unfortunately, Miaako missed. The thing took a chunk out of Ceor, but at least it didn’t get spores on him. Reeshka was able to get herself free, though she was complaining about her precious scales.

The two creatures seemed content to try to chew on Ceor, but fortunately, he had some decent armor that they couldn’t get through. Then one got tired of that and hovered over near us, freaking out Reeshka in the process. Ceor stabbed the remaining one, and that left us with one. Miaako got a good shot at it, but it didn’t do much. It swooped down and the fucking thing bit me. I tried to hit it with my staff, that was a bad idea.

And that mule just did not give a shit.

Ceor, on the other hand, was rather irritated at its temerity.

He nailed it to the goddamn ground.

I wanted to look around to see how they got here, but Ceor was being his normal overprotective self. Miaako found a circular patch of fungus that was similar to the creatures by a fallen tree, though. We tried to burn it and while I was able to burn the tree nicely, the fungus just sort of bubbled and oozed. We decided to take the time to completely incinerate it. As I was working on it, I got this sense of vertigo, like I was looking into a deep well of oozing shit. That lasted until I got rid of 2/3 of the crap. Now I’m glad I did take the time.

While I was busy with that, Miaako was pouting, and actually managed to find a concealed campsite in one of the rocks, with a strange piece of wood that he not just showed us, he showed off. Extravagantly. Turned out to be a chunk of darkwood, that looked a little like you could hang a lantern on it. Reeshka revealed that she’d had one of those dreams with an important artifact similar to this, so I made Miaako give it to her. She then proceeded to nibble the entire thing. Presumably to learn what she could about it, which wasn’t much, but I suspect also to keep Miaako away from it.

Miaako kept pouting, and found something lodged in a stump. After spending fifteen minutes prying it out, during which period we studiously ignored him, he seemed to find something that he didn’t bother to show us.

Later when we camped out, I noticed that Miaako’s dagger was glowing pale blue very faintly. He let me take a look at it, but I’m not sure what’s causing it. I think the enchantment might still be manifesting. My staff had a similar effect, except it was very faint blue and red lines that seemed like an incomplete pattern. That got my attention, and I looked at the magical shield Ceor had and Reeshka’s new staff. The shield had a very faint yellowish white circular line on it that hadn’t been there before. And Reeskha’s staff seemed to have a barely visible light about where the flame of a lantern would be. I’ll need to make a detailed examination of these items later, when I have time.

Reeshka attempted to start training her dog. It didn’t work.

Nothing much of interest happened on the way to the next town.


Kassil RiaHawk

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