Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 28

Fucking Cult.

More spikes. One bounced off my barrier right in front of my face. That was nice. I responded with fire as is my way.

Miaako got stabbed as is his way.

Reeshka then annhilated a few more skeletons with a blaze of golden light, and Miaako semi-heroically leapt off his horse to pop a skeleton’s head off. Ceor only really knows a few tactics, but the ones he does are really insanely effective.

The manticore did not appreciate this and pounced on Ceor. And his lance, but that’s beside the point. The net result was Ceor getting rather savagely mauled.

I did not appreciate this.

Miaako was starting to have some real trouble with the manticore’s poison, but Reeshka was able to help somewhat.

Of course, now that the manticore was down, the skeletons aren’t much of a problem. Rather comical, really. Reeshka was able to heal the worst of the damage that Ceor and Miaako had suffered. Miaako finished off the skeleton.

And then collapsed.

Reeshka was able to fix part of that, but he did not look like he was in good shape. It was all highly unpleasant, really, though at least we managed to get through the necrotic wastes without any more horrifying encounters.

We reached the edge of the Goblin Wastes and the gates of Savoyne, some three and a half weeks after we’d left.

It didn’t feel like three and a half weeks.

Naturally, the first thing Ceor did was buy pastries.

And Miaako was promptly accosted by the man trying to sell the falcon. Haggling ensued. It was possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Miaako ended up trying to talk him into coming with us… I expect with the idea of leaving his body in the wilderness. He also negotiated the price down to 650 gold. I’m surprised he left it that high.

And I will be very surprised if the merchant shows up when we’re ready to leave.

Ah. Miaako was angling to get Ceor to pay for Rupert. And everything makes sense now. I’d put a stop to it if money actually mattered to Ceor. As it stands, it’s less money he can spend on things that make him unbearably cheerful or unbearably drunk. And cheerful.

The negotiations concluded, we then retired to an inn where Ceor then proceeded to get unbearably drunk.

I can’t say I’ll sleep very well in a town where the local thug union would like to do unpleasant things to me.

Miraculously, the merchant was actually waiting for us when we headed for the gate. I have a feeling he’s going to get very irritating. At any rate, we’re heading for Feymott.

A couple days out of Savoyne, we came across a section of the road with a tree across it. Trap, naturally. Miaako made the educated choice to fire a crossbow bolt wildly in that general direction.

Because that was helpful.

The person standing behind the tree popped out and returned the favor, only he could actually see Miaako. I then offered my own greeting of a Magic Missile. The bastard then shot me.

Turns out there was quite a few of them.

Ceor charged in, naturally… and completely failed to accomplish anything. Anusk fared better. Miaako then charged wildly in as well. We’ll see how THAT goes.

That was about the time the half-orc charged around the corner. Right at me.


I think I can guess who these assholes are.

I set him on fire, and Reeshka turned his weapon red-hot. Hopefully we can take care of him before things get ugly. Even if it does smell horrible.

One tried to back off and shoot me, which resulted in an enraged Ceor shoving a lance through him. Fortunately, the arrow glanced off my barrier. The next did not.

At least Ceor’s getting some mileage out of that new sword. There was a tremendous thunderclap when he hit the man he was aiming at, HARD.

More archers appeared, and Miaako actually charged the half-orc and stabbed him significantly. Then the bastard stabbed him even MORE significantly. I set him on fire. It didn’t much help.

It is, I think, instinct to move closer to Ceor in these sorts of situations. And I’d rather risk the archers than the half-orc’s sword. One of said archers managed to snap his bowstring, and another thought to drop his bow in order to attack Ceor with a sword.

A good idea, in theory. In practice, it just got him killed.

Ceor then charged what I presume was their champion and rather nicely ended that threat.

I do get so tired of being shot at. And shot.

In fact, I have rather had enough of this.

Everything is fire.

I dropped one, nearly dropped another, and the third probably wished he had dropped. Miaako took a swing at the one that was barely standing, missed, and then pecked him out of frustration.

I think he was as surprised and disgusted as everyone else when he pulled out the man’s eye.

Unfortunately, there were still two archers left, and they had notably better aim. I was rather pleased when Miaako killed one of them. I shoved a lance of fire into the remaining one, and Ceor pinned him to the fucking ground.

That was unpleasant.

All six archers had spiked chains that read as magical, masterwork composite longbows, and magical chain shirts and magical cloaks. They also had one potion each. The half-orc had another bow and a magical rapier, as well his belt, boots, chain shirt, cloak, ring, and buckler. And a set of thieves’ tools for some reason.

Perhaps so he can break into people’s rooms and murder them.

They’re definitely Order of the Pure; the archers all had silver medallions marking them as members of the order, and the half-orc was carrying a platinum one. I was right; that was a champion.

I think I got their attention.

The magical auras on everyone’s weapons and Ceor’s have increased. Reeshka and Miaako’s armor is now registering as magical. The standard on Ceor’s shield is now starting to resemble the emblem of the Mage Kingdom I keep dreaming of. Interesting. I’ll have to do some identification work when we get back to Feymott.

My house was surprisingly unburned. My apprentices have mastered Magic Missile; apparently they found a use for the rejects from the local potter. They’ve also learned Burning Hands on their own.

Miaako has a new basement in which his retinue of kobolds has made themselves at home. Ceor’s girlfriend has moved in and redecorated. And one of the kobolds seems to have decorated Reeshka’s house as well.

The rapier proved to be an enchanted keen frost rapier, which Miaako can probably make best use of. The belt proved to be a belt of dexterity. Reeshka and I rolled dice for it, and she got it. The boots proved to be Boots of Striding and Springing, and Miaako’s the only one LIKELY to make use of those. The chain shirts turned out to be mildly enhanced, as did the chains and buckler. The cloaks had resist enchants. Ceor took one of the chain shirts just in case. We’ll sell the rest, as well as the mundane chain shirt Ceor had. We could all use one of the cloaks. The ring proved to be a ring of protection. I kept that. We also ended up with six potions of Invisibility and one potion of Enlarge Potion. All arcane versions, if that makes a difference.

Ceor’s shield had a stronger enhancement. His lance has gained keen. His force longsword has also gained a stronger enhancement. Also seems to have some new scrollwork, an etched image of a kingdom of rolling grassy hills, with what looked like a complete version of the ruined keep we exploded.

Miaako’s shortsword has also gained the keen property. His armor has developed an enhancement as well.

Reeshka’s staff has developed a grayflame ability. That’s going to be particularly ugly to be on the end of. And the standard mild enhancement as well.

My staff has grown to be stronger as well, and the glowing lines have now covered the length of it. Volcanic red on one end, ice blue on the other, smoothly transitioning between the two.

Most interesting.


Kassil RiaHawk

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