Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 27

Oh look. A manticore.

It turns out the sword we picked up in the caverns had various enchantments on it, shocking and vicious were particularly of note. That’s pleasant.

As we rode, the terrain changed; it became a rocky badland-type, and the liquid that was in pools stopped looking as much like water as it did a thick, discolored substance that glowed faintly at night, smelled awful, was definitely unnatural and probably necromantic.

Reeshka also indicated there were undead around, which wasn’t at all surprising, really. Ceor was investigating a pair of dragon statues when some disgusting green skeletons emerged from the pools. Naturally.

We weren’t particularly surprised, and I haven’t gotten to use fireball nearly enough. I did take out the two skeletons closest to us… and unfortunately woke something up. Something large.

Oh well.

Two more skeletons appeared, Ceor sprouted an iron beard for gods know what reason, and Reeshka did something shiny that the skeletons didn’t at all like. Miaako tried to imitate Ceor with a mounted charge, and simply flailed ineffectually. Ceor did much better. So much better that one of the skeletons exploded. Rather impressive really; there were little bits of green flaming bone flying everywhere.

Turns out the thing that I hit with the fireball that was behind the ridge was a manticore.


It fired poisonous spines at us; missed me fortunately, but Ceor and Miaako weren’t so lucky. I responded with a particularly nasty version of Scorching Ray. It didn’t drop it… but at least it did some significant damage.

The skeletons were not any particular threat at this point.

Reeshka seemed quite capable of handling them on their own. Miaako seemed rather at a loss, though. He attempted to pop a skeleton’s head off and nearly managed it. Nearly.

Ceor decided to get very dramatic about the whole thing, and formally declared a challenge against the manticore. And, of course, as it was a flying creature, it simply went above his charge.

I’m starting to worry a bit.


Kassil RiaHawk

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