Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 26


A fireball is such a nice way to say hello.

I couldn’t get everyone, unfortunately, but three of five isn’t bad. I lit the room up, and Reeshka and Ceor charged in. Reeshka lit up with holy light, which I sincerely hope will discomfit That Fucking Thing. Ceor shoved his lance into That Bitch… who responded with a giggle and a mace to the head.

Then That Fucking Thing lunged at Ceor and took a chunk out of him. Miaako tried to repay the favor, only to look exceedingly foolish. The two mercenaries decided they’d rather deal with me and Kallistra than Ceor, Miaako, and Reeshka. I don’t think they were expecting more fire, however. Reeshka tried to inspire Ceor to hit it again… but that was a magnificent swing and miss. That Bastard tried to shove a spear into Miaako. He missed, fortunately. So did That Bitch when she tried to take Ceor’s head off. That Fucking Thing didn’t miss, however.

Out of nowhere, Miaako laid into That Bastard and carved him up nicely. I decided to put the mercenaries out of my misery, and get closer to do some good for the others. As I did so, I stumbled and inadvertently touched the column in the center, and felt a surge of power.


That Bastard took exception to Miaako’s actions, and set his spear on fire, then shoved it into the bird. Then he did much the same to Reeshka. That Bitch started to move away, only to have Ceor do something terrible to her in response. Then she triggered an item and vanished.

I cast Haste despite my better judgement. Reeshka, however, helped because then she did something that looked highly unpleasant to That Bastard. I think she changed him from an air breather to a waterbreather… in a completely dry environment.

I’m starting to like her.

He teleported out as well, but if that spell was what I think it was, it’s not going to help. Unless he has some water to hand… for the next several hours… he’s going to die a slow, painful death.

I’m all right with this.

As soon as he was gone, That Fucking Thing disintegrated. We’ll see if it comes back. Reeskha, still being made of pure energy, decided the best way to heal everyone was to take a running tackle and go flying through them.

I’ll let her have it this time.

The crystal seemed to have been built on the nexus of several leylines, designed to collect and amplify that power. It would be useless anywhere else, but if you built a kingdom on it, well…

The barrier around it seemed to be half physical and half magical. Reeshka saw a series of runes around the base that indicated it had been built by worshippers of Hecate.

Big surprise there.

At a guess, Those Assholes thought there was some sort of magic-eating artifact here, and wanted to see how they could use it… though That Bastard likely would have been thrilled by the idea of something that could amplify his own ability.

Miaako tried to hug the cylinder, presumably because he’s part magpie and it was very shiny. Then he passed out. I was all for just tying him to the mule but Ceor decided to carry him. Reeshka poked him experimentally, declared that he was charged with arcane energy but seemed unhurt. Then he woke him via creating water on his head.

That was the point where I remembered that dream that Ceor had once had, about the person who liked doors. I do wonder…

He pulled out the symbol he’d been given, which turned out to be some sort of ancient and forgotten god of gateways and portals. The old man appeared, and seemed to be agreeable to creating a door in the cylinder. He did so, and vanished. Ceor then pried the door open.

Violet lightning flared out, and Ceor and Reeshka passed right out. Miaako seemed to be be conscious, but became very, very silly. There was more power there, flowing through everything and everyone, than I had ever felt before. Even during the affair at the camp.

It was a heady sensation.

Reeshka and Ceor seemed to have the best dreams they’d ever had. I wanted to stay, however that was probably a bad idea. Leaving the door open was probably a bad idea as well. Before we closed it, though, Miaako and I stepped in to actually touch the crystal.

I could feel my bones vibrating. Soothing, but alarming. It was with some reluctance that we decided to withdraw and make a brief examination of the rest of the ruins, on the off chance that there were artifacts or spellbooks lying around.

Just below where the basement would be, I happened to find a small book concealed beneath a loose stone that seemed, after some study, to be written in Enochian. Miaako found a small ring. I’ll see what I can do with them later.

When we got back to the surface, the sun appeared to be setting for the first time in a long time. We decided to camp here for the night, simply because it was convenient. I slept extremely well, myself.

We woke at what felt like morning, but it was still night outside. There was a crescent moon on one horizon, a half moon in the middle, and the full moon on the other.

Interesting. And creepy. I’m chalking it up to this place being weird and unsettling. It’s probably the most beneficent manifestation of the weirdness here.

I had enough time to identify the ring Miaako found, which turned out to be a ring of sustenance. The book seemed to be the journal of the last person who was the caretaker of the nexus crystal. Not much of interest; guidelines on how to take care of the crystal, which seemed to be largely pointless busywork. There was a passage at the end that seemed hastier, documenting the outbreak of the Mage Wars. The last line was “Those damned fools, they’ve summoned the Isonade.” Which was a particularly nasty aquatic creature traditionally held to be a sinker of continents, responsible for the FIrst Fall of Man and the destruction of the elven kingdoms.


I also found a confirmation in the journal that this had once be the kingdom of Taltreni, and after some consideration, decided that Those Assholes got away via the etherial plane. In the mean time, Ceor managed to find the one intact door in the place. It seemed to be an area where dwarves had stayed. And one night, Miaako caught Reeshka rifling through his pouches but I didn’t care enough to stop it.


Kassil RiaHawk

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