Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 19

We returned to camp in order to notifiy our commander that we’d taken care of the problem, though unfortunately, the scouts we’d lost were dead. Twice. Our report was greeted by good news and bad news. The good news was that the army had accomplished everything they’d set out to do, far more successfully than originally intended. The bad news was that they’d accomplished this a few months early, since someone had been going ahead of them and clearing everything out.

Gee, I wonder who that could have been.

The upshot was that everyone was paid out and free to return wherever they were staying the rest of the year. We could get paid and march back to Friula, but we do have houses in Feymott, so I’m not sure what we’ll do. It was rather comical to discover Miaako now had more money than he can actually carry.

I dreamed tonight. I was in an enormous library, though I couldn’t read any of the spines. No one seemed to be there, though sometimes I caught glowing mist that suggested people out of my peripheral vision. As I wandered through the elaborate building, the leather bindings changed to suggest the skins of sapient creatures, and the ink to a dark, brown crusty substance. Near the center, was a sphere of amber. It was glowing, with filaments coming off it. There was a dwarf there for some reason. He looked very elegant, with neatly braided beard and hair. He was holding a skull and the eyesockets had been stoppered with cut glass. It looked like it was holding wine. I came closer to examine the orb, and was struck by how intensely bright it was. There seemed to be all kinds of people’s faces, all screaming. What woke me was seeing Cindersong’s face… and he wasn’t screaming, he was laughing. I woke up in a cold sweat.

Ceor didn’t fare much better. What struck me was that the scene Ceor described was much like the one I saw before, back at the dwarf encampment when I suddenly knew how to cast Fireball. Calvary charge facing off some sort of monstrous bird… I think that was meant to be the only blasphemous creature of the Wastes that was ever actually defeated. Ornis Ammos. Though defeated isn’t the right term. When the slowed time field struck the Wastes, it fell from the sky.

I did some thinking about the dream I had. The orb was almost necromantic in nature, designed to capture the souls of the dead before they could pass on, the better to use their energy. I’m sure that’s significant, though I have no idea how yet.

After Ceor wandered off, Miaako came to ask me to investigate a gold medallion with a large ruby set in it. It was so magical as to be nearly blinding. It was a minor artifact somehow related to fire and bloodshed. I couldn’t tell much more about that from an Identify spell, though I found an old rune that pertained to fire, and something that seemed to indicate spirit. I couldn’t tell him much more about it, not even how to activate it. He’d apparently picked it up from Cindersong. He elected to not wear it, which was probably the wise course of action.

We decided to return to Feymott to resupply, and drop off things and resupply. Reeshka gave a speech to the kobolds, with the net result that they elected to colonize the cave we cleared out. Just as well. My new apprentices will be staying at my house and keeping an eye on things while we’re gone. Miaako and Reeshka picked up some magical items, and Ceor got some new armor. I might make some scrolls, they could come in handy.


Kassil RiaHawk

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