Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 17

We're Going to Kill the Fuck Out of You Now

It would be an understatement to say that Reeshka didn’t take it well. She turned into her energy form, screaming all the while.

I almost feel sorry for the commander.

Meanwhile, I need to focus on dropping the captain still harassing Ceor. Ceor took the opportunity to slaughter the other dwarf and start moving towards the commander. The captain dropped, and I just left him to burn to death.

That commander needs to die, though. Preferably painfully.

Ceor seemed to be of the same mind, because he charged the asshole. Since Reeshka was right there, she took the next hit from the commander’s hammer, and it sounded like it hurt. He’ll pay for it.

I think he’s just tough enough a bastard that we’ll all get to make him suffer before he dies.

Apparently, though, Miaako was not as dead as he first appeared, because there was a wave of frost, and Miaako straightened up enough to stab the fucker in the groin, and apparently managed to hit something vital.

Occasionally, there is a moment of poetic justice.

For some reason, two dwarves were ignoring everything else to engage in a slap fight, which Ceor promptly interrupted. Despite this, they were marginally smarter than their compatriots and surrendered. Reeshka’s attention was entirely on Miaako.

Ceor wouldn’t let me kill the two fools, and that seemed to be the end of it. The camp was empty, all the others had either fled or were charred corpses. The gray and red flames surrounding me died out, about the same time that the golden flames surrounding Reeshka and the aura of lightning surrounding Ceor did. However, Reeshka had golden flecks covering her scales, and Miaako’s feathers had turned a sort of silvery white. And apparently Reeshka went blind again.

We found the remaining kobolds and they seemed to be, if not in the best of health, at least in one piece and alive. We also found three more dwarves on the top guard tower, still manning their ballista, and quite dead. Their throats had been torn out, by something with long claws. It looked like there was a lot of festering. Which suggest we might have another problem. But fine with me.

The army had completely routed. The ones who fled took their belongings and gear, but of course the ones who died had no further use for theirs. The commanders had insignia that marked them as commanders, from the canton of Winterhiem.

Naturally, Reeshka demanded explanation of Miaako, wanting to know how he had come back to life. Miaako was less than forthcoming. He mentioned that everyone on the other side were jerks, and so was I, but at least I was a jerk on his side.

We ended up with a total of 24 hand axes, 29 warhammers, 27 heavy wood shields, 2 heavy steel shields, 350 platinum, 550 gold, and 2000 silver. It worked out to 108 plat, 7 gold, 5 silver each, after we exchange the coins to be carrying less. Nothing magical, though.


Kassil RiaHawk

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