Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 16

Burn All the Things/Goddammit Miaako

I almost feel bad for the people who wanted to fight tomorrow. Almost.

I got hit with an ax at some point; I should probably do something about that. A few more took it into their heads to charge Ceor, with predictably laughable results. Ceor apparently took issue with the one who hit me, and did something about it.

That was about the time Reeshka burst into golden flames. I have the distinct sense that perhaps these dwarves did not know what they were getting into.

Of course, that was also about the time they started coming out of the woodwork like particularly unpleasant beetles. A dwarf took a swing at me, and was unpleasantly surprised to see his ax catch fire. Another charged into Ceor’s lance, and still managed to hit him. Ceor and Anusk returned the favor rather nicely; it almost looked like Anusk kicked the dwarf just to show Ceor where to hit. Reeshka ran halfway across the camp to us, and I set another fool on fire. Reeshka then proclaimed she could see, and I got hit with an ax.

Perhaps we ought to focus on the matter at hand.

One of the dwarves lunged at me, and there was a flash of lightning. I could swear that Ceor was suddenly in two places at once; sitting on Anusk, lance in hand, and lunging down to stab the dwarf with his sword, which was suddenly glowing with blue white flames.

Well then.

One of the captains then decided to run directly onto Ceor’s lance and halfway up it. Quite a few of them have decided to bugger off. Whether it saves them will entirely depend on if I can be bothered to chase them down.

Then one tried to cut my ear off.

All told, it wasn’t the most convenient time to have a vision. For a moment, it seemed that I wasn’t in the middle of this damned encampment, but in the middle of a green field, with a few burned and blasted spots, surrounded by what seemed to be my loyal soldiers. Legions of them. We seemed to be arrayed against an approaching swarm of twisted goblins and less savory things, surrounding some sort of flying monstrosity. It seemed that I knew what I had to do to kill it, I just needed to lay hands on it. And I had plenty of firepower to do so…

The vision cleared just as I raised my hands to find dwarves in my way.

How very convenient.

I haven’t mastered the fireball spell yet, but that didn’t stop me from using it to set not a few dwarves alight. One of them tried to hit me and failed.

One of the captains tried to smash Reeskha… and she just smacked the ax away. Now even the captains were breaking and running. Unfortunately, not all of them. One of them hit me in the chest and cracked a rib. He will pay for it. Another fireball made the point nicely.

A few more ran for it, and the rest flailed ineffectually. I think their commanders had finally deigned to make an appearance. One of the rank and file got a lucky hit on Ceor, though, a mistake I’m sure he won’t live to regret. Though we were so surrounded by this point, it was hard to avoid getting hit, and Anusk took a rather hard one, as did Reeskha. Ceor was somewhat displeased.

By this point, two commanders were in sight, and close enough to be roasted with another fireball. Unfortunately, that was the last time I was able to cast it before the knowledge of the spell faded. And I hadn’t dropped the commanders… damn. And it seemed that Miaako had finally managed to attract attention. Well, I could at least feed one of the commanders some Fire Breath. One of the dwarves took a swing at me, giving me a cut. For once in his life, Ceor did something smart, and fell back enough to drink a health potion. There was some more wild flailing at Reeshka. More dwarves fled, and dwarves started beating Ceor in earnest. And Miaako was doing something that resulted in the sound of metal hitting metal in a way that did not sound productive.

Ceor screamed a particularly imaginatively obscene challenge at the commander, and put quite a dent in his shield, then decided to pull Reeshka out of harm’s way. I contented myself with setting a captain and a commander on fire again. Ceor finally managed to land a good, solid hit, so solid he shoved his sword straight through the commander’s shield, breastplate, and ribcage. He dropped the bastard, finally.

That was about the time Miaako squaked as he took a particularly vicious hit. Somewhat unexpectedly, Reeshka then leapt off Anusk and ran towards him. She took a hit in the process, but it didn’t stop her. I finally had time to take a look to see what Miaako was doing, and he seemed to be standing with a group of kobolds, with a commander surrounded. The commander seemed to be covered with frost.

God knows what Miaako’s been doing.

Ceor cleaved into one of the remaining captains and left a glowing scar across his armor, and coincidentally dropped him.

And then Miaako went and got himself killed.


Kassil RiaHawk

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