Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 14

This Will End Well.

Reeshka woke us up in abominably good spirits this morning.

She was saying something about important business, and breakfast. I suppose that can excuse this. Ceor and Reeshka then said that we had to infiltrate the opposing army.

I can’t wait to hear the explanation of this.

The general idea was that Reeshka wanted to slip in and rouse the kobold slaves in other army to rebellion. Either turning on their masters in battle, or spiriting them away in the night. This will end splendidly, I’m sure.

Reeshka mentioned something that I was able to identify as a hat of disguise, though I wonder if I can’t use Alter Self to the same effect. That was about the same time that a courier showed up with a map of the enemy camp. Apparently Reeshka and Ceor had already studied it a bit, because they had some ideas of where to infiltrate.

If we can get the hat of disguise from possibly the Arcana division, I think I have the cantrips to at least get the attention of the people at the gate. This is risky as all fuck, of course, especially since I haven’t quite figured out how to use certain spells on anyone but myself. I might need to check the Arcana division to see if they have spellbooks…

The problem is that I’m a specialist in evocation, and I’ve let my study of illusion slide. I might need to see if I can get a few more illusionists. Might see what those twins can do in the way of illusion.

Additionally, there’s the problem of it would be weird for a kobold to be wandering around unattended. Reeshka’s suggesting that she play an escapee, but it’s not something I’m entirely comfortable with. It could end badly. Additionally, she’ll likely have to stay in the camp all night. If she can convince the kobolds to play along, we can have them play an infantry charge, then pass them through our ranks, then open up on the dwarves.

Apparently Reeshka and Ceor have already spoken to the commander and he’s okay with this…

I’m not entirely comfortable with Reeshka going in by herself; she’s our healer, after all. So I pointed out to Miaako the habit dwarves have of hoarding wealth, and I’m not at all sorry. Now we just need to figure out the best way of getting them in without someone catching on. It’s a crescent moon tonight, which I can work with, though it’s supposed to be clear. I could do with clouds…

I took a trip to the Arcana division to pick up the hat of disguise and found that the commander had basically given us carte blanche to get whatever magical items we needed for a half-share of treasure at the end of the season. They actually had two, and I got both. Then I was pointed in the direction of the company illusionist, a rather nice half-orc lady named Margaret, who taught me Silent Image in exchange for Magic Weapon. It worked out. After that, I went and asked the twins to come help me do something stupid. They were surprisingly amenable. And then they decided to move to the same clearing in the scouting encampment we were staying in.

All right, then.

After some discussion, it was decided that it was simply too dangerous to let Reeshka go in alone. Either she’d be noted as a runaway, or she’d be noted as a single dwarf in a camp full of pairs. So there was a lot of bribing to get Miaako to go along with it. He wasn’t happy about it, but I have to be in place for the distraction, and Ceor simply can’t pass as either a dwarf or a kobold.

The twins asked me what to prepare, so I told them Ghost Sound and Dancing Lights, which will come in handy, and then they each have another cantrip with some offensive capability. I need to teach them Magic Missile as soon as possible, because that’s a spell no one should be without.

Our plans made, Miaako went to go get drunk off his feathery ass, and Ceor happily accompanied him. Our fall back plan in case something goes wrong is to burn everything and run like hell.

We’re all going to die.


Kassil RiaHawk

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