Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 11

Today was an... interesting day.

That goddamned mule ate the page of my journal I had already started. It did it on purpose, I swear.

Long story short, we were promoted, Ceor to Captain, and everyone else to lieutenants when the army arrived and the officers indicated that the man who recruited us didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. We were brought in to travel with the army and other fools were sent ahead. I did some research on our weapons and I think that they’re possibly weapons of legend, which will continue to grow in power. This also suggests that we either have some connection to the heroes who used them or are simply like them. I made some acid flasks for Reeshka.

The first two days were depressingly slow. The army is so large it can’t move very fast…

The third day, we saw an enormous tree above the canopy of the rest of the woods. It looked like a darkwood tree. They don’t grow that large on their own. No tree grows that large on its own. Ceor told me that he’d had a dream about this place, about a lance that was here. As I imagine the army would like to be sure there are no hostile druids or anything here, I don’t see any harm in checking it out.

There was a trail to it wide enough for the four of us to ride side by side. The tree occupied a clearing half a mile from the road. As we drew closer, I saw some sort of glow near the trunk. As I pointed that out, a figure in literal shining armor came around the tree. He had a lance made of darkwood which he set on the ground and headed for Ceor. Ceor rode out to meet him, naturally, and the man bowed to him and asked if he was a ‘petitioner for the relic.’ Ceor answered in the affirmative. The knight challenged him to a trial by single combat. He said he’d been waiting there for three centuries. Likely, if that really is a divine relic.

Of course the idiot accepted.

The knight got the first hit in, and it looked like it was a damn hard one. Ceor missed. But he quickly figured out what he was doing. The knight scored another hit, but Ceor gave him one back, hard. The knight was actually pleased by this. While he didn’t seem to be causing actual harm to Ceor, he wasn’t too upset by the very real damage Ceor was doing. Ceor managed to put his sword through the man’s chest, but he didn’t fall. He did, however, sheathe his sword and stepped down. He then healed the both of them and proclaimed Ceor worthy. Ceor was a sentimental fool about it, of course.

And then all hell broke loose.

I was hit by an arrow, which hurt, and revealed the presence of others. The white knight was put out by this, and healed me. I appreciate it, even though it was slightly creepy.

There was a woman with a bow and two armed men. I was offended. Greatly. And set her on fire. This didn’t improve matters. She shot me again. I returned the favor with a magic missile. Fortunately, that’s about the time Ceor managed to get there and Reeshka took care of the arrow wounds.

Everyone just wants to kill me today. I don’t know why, I haven’t set anyone on fire recently. Well, besides that bitch, but that was self-defense. Ceor tried his new lance out on that harpy, and Miaako managed to stab one of the thugs REALLY WELL. One thug was intent on me, but the other seemed to be focusing on the white knight. The bitch, at least, decided that Ceor was a threat and stopped shooting me. Reeshka managed to put one down, but he shoved his sword through his own chest. That’s about the time the bitch shot me again and I almost went down myself. The paladin, however, healed me before I could lose consciousness. Ceor put the bitch down, which just left one. He didn’t last too much longer.

Reeshka stabilized the warrior, and we’ll tie him up to see what the hell that was all about. Reeshka then went to see about the bitch, but I don’t know if she’ll make it. I searched one, and found a medallion. The symbol hasn’t been used in centuries, but it was once the standard of the Order of the Pure. Founded by two sisters who were sworn to take out the Mage Kings. Also sworn to take out fiends, half fiends, and their descendents… including tieflings. It was said that some of the descendants of the Mage Kings escaped, and the Order of the Pure went underground. It’s worth noting that the city I had been researching in conjunction with my staff was ruled by the Mage Kings. So they potentially have two reasons to want to kill me.

The white knight was displeased by my findings; he said that though the order was supposedly aimed at righteous ends, no holy warrior or good person has ever served with them. Of the gods followed by this group, two were neutral at best. Mara, the goddess of vampires, Hecate’s aspect of the Dark Lady, Thor’s aspect of the god of war and destruction, Chernavog, and the Hunter. So, yes. The paladin, righteous divine touched soul that he was, suggested that we’d be best served cutting the throats of these zealots when we find them.

Good enough for me.

The bitch had a magical bow (because of COURSE she did) and a nice but not overwhelming longsword, as well as a suit of mountain pattern armor.

The white knight indicated we should follow him. As he kept me from dying, I didn’t see a problem with this. There was a sort of crack or fold in the bark of the tree. There was a… sort of energy flowing through it. Strong energy. Sap was flowing down through the crack. The white knight collected some of it, and used it to draw something on our foreheads. Each person got something somewhat different, but I don’t know what the symbols meant. Then there was a sort of glow, and a… feeling. It’s hard to describe.

Then the white knight faded into a flash of light.

Because of course he did.

I think the tree had some sort of connection to the positive energy plane, which makes sense, really. Miaako called it a World Tree. Apparently there’s another one somewhere to the north. Interesting.

We pushed a little further on to find a campsite, but nothing else of note happened on the way.

I slept extremely well.

Ceor and Reeshka had dreams in the night. When Ceor told me about his, it was strikingly similar to the dream I’d had a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what this means, but it clearly means something. Miaako just had what I presume was his normal dream of mountains of gold.


Kassil RiaHawk

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