Blades of Light

Tal's Journal, Entry 1

Kabobs Galore!

Ceor talked me into joining one of the free companies. It is, I suppose, not the worst idea he’s ever had. Joining a free company could put us on the fast track to fortune and glory. And perhaps I would be able to get some respect. It would only be the first of many steps, but everyone must start somewhere. I certainly don’t intend to stop at the free company level. One of Ceor’s drinking buddies decided to join us, a tengu named Miaako. I’m not sure if I will be able to tolerate him or not yet.

Naturally, they weren’t willing to take us on without knowing we could more or less handle ourselves, or at least survive. I understand the concept, though it was a bit annoying. They set some goblins on us, with the understanding that if we were able to kill them, we’d have a place on the company.

Of course, goblins tend to have a lifespan of less than a minute in the wild.

It was rather amusing to see Ceor just utterly skewer the first goblin he trampled. The little wretch was stuck on his lance and made rather a comic spectacle. Miaako spent the entire skirmish hiding behind me. I can tell that this partnership is off to a wonderful start.

The head of the company grudgingly agreed to take us on.

…Dammit, even the tengu is more respected than I am, and we’ve only just got here!

We were assigned as a scouting party, which doesn’t seem too terrible on the surface, but knowing the area, it’s more an insult. The companies in this area use scouts to trigger the tripwires, and not much else.

I’ll make them all regret it, one day.

Our first assignment was as vanguard scouts, largely due to the fact that we’re considered the rejects. This will end splendidly, I’m sure.

…Ceor may not know much, but the man does know his bars. He made a bee-line for the camp tavern, of course. Those two idiots kept me there most of the night, though I was able to avoid having drinks foisted off on me. It never ends well, when he manages to get me drunk. Part of the way through the booze-fest, we were joined by, of all things, a kobold, which had been dumped on us as well.

We’re really just going to have to educate these fools as to the depths of their stupidity in disregarding us by surviving.

At least Reeshka, the kobold, is reasonably well regarded…hopefully she won’t be as stupid as kobolds typically are.

I hate these people. They’ll tolerate tengu and kobolds better than they’ll tolerate me. I haven’t even done most of the things they accuse me of… yet. They tempt me more and more every day.

And I know Ceor means well, when he tries to give me all the credit… but it’s really, really annoying and it’s not going to help. It never does.

Ceor drank himself blind, of course. Though he seemed to put away fewer drinks than is his wont. Reeshka didn’t drink as much, but I suppose with her being smaller it wouldn’t take as much alcohol. Miaako surprised me; he matched the big idiot drink for drink and could still walk straight. They all snored, of course. And of course, Ceor had an absolutely awful hangover. Serves him right.

Miaako and Ceor managed to convince the company quartermaster to give us a cart and a mule… both of them, of course, look like if we hadn’t got them that they’d have reached their terminal destination by nightfall. Reeshka tried to jump up to ride on Anusk, with the predictable results. I’ve got no idea how Ceor manages to make friends with those who more or less universally despise everyone else.

We were set upon by bandits shortly after we departed. The bandit leader didn’t even have time to realize what a bad idea that was. Ceor managed to once again get the corpse caught on his lance; I suspect this might be common. The other bandits proved to be more of a challenge, severely wounding Ceor and myself. Fortunately, Reeshka was able to see to that. We got some halfway decent equipment, out of it, anyway. The total haul was two shortswords, one masterwork shortsword, two masterwork daggers, three shortbows, and 56 arrows. We also found 56 gold, 22 silver which we split amongst ourselves, since it’s not like the bandits need it anymore.

We also found some more esoteric items: a bottle of sludgy mess that I believe to be a weak and low quality healing potion, a signet ring with a skull-and-sunburst which was likely the bandit leader’s affectation of status, and a pendant with an emblem that Reeshka believes to be the symbol of The Hunter, one of the dark gods of Midgard. As the god of feral rage, bloodlust, hunger, hatred, and savagery, it’s probable that at least one of the bandits followed him. There’s not much difference between bandits and psychopaths.

After we took care of the nuisances, Miaako found three graves by the road, presumably either less fortunate victims of banditry, or bandits who ran into adventurers more considerate than we are. They did have stones with names, which indicates they were held in some sort of regard. I’ll look them up later- Harsk Braagsten, Daniel Withrien, Magda Bloodstone.


Kassil RiaHawk

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